Maybe marketing shouldn't be this hard, but it's taken years to settle on a solid process for generating good leads in a tasteful way.

Here's the current iteration of our Marketing Flywheel. Too simplistic? Not sure, but it seems to be working. Importantly — all our work is awesome!

Upland marketing flywheel

Tone: friendly, helpful, confident, fun

The concepts of "onward & upward" are important.

"Building Up" - inspirational and aspirational.

We can help you get there (and help you see what "there" looks like!).

Image is professional at all times, but not stuffy. Personal. Showing real people doing real work. People that care about their craft, getting to know you, and helping you tell your story. We're people you want to be friends with and spend more time with. It's not just transactional (otherwise we'd be in a far more lucrative business!).

"Work hard work smart." - core value we live out every day.

Open and honest imagery. Showing behind-the-scenes, how we do work. Craftsman carefully & purposefully pursuing their craft.


Twice per week, post something like this:


Every week, post a picture from the weekly marketing workspace.