I'm guilty of chasing too many shiny objects. But generally my interests center around a few core ideas.

Making Things

Underlying pretty much everything I do is a fascination with making things.

I like all facets of the process. Wrestling with a problem, dreaming up solutions, working through the design and fabrication processes, and reflecting on the work done and how I'd do it better next time.

Clear Communication

I'm a firm believer that the majority of problems we face on an interpersonal / small business level are problems of communication.

Studying communication, and practing the core principles of clarity, simplicity, and authenticity in my communication, is oddly satisfying.

The Internet

I've had a fascination with the internet since coming to understand its existence. When graduating college I didn't know what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to be involved in the evolving internet in some way. Enter Flint Hills Design.

Places & Spaces

My life and work have been centering around placemaking for some time now. Creating places and spaces that bring joy and learning into the lives of others is not a bad way to spend a life. I hope to be able to expand the impact of this work in the future.


Renewable Energy

Generating electricity from solar just seems so obvious. I hope to play a small role in pushing this conversation forward in the future.