Laser Engraving

Using an OMTech 80W laser with Ruida controller

stacks of laser engraved upland coins


Set a user origin - don't just use the current machine position. It doesn't always return to the exact same position after cutting which makes repeat cutting harder.

Send the file to the laser - don't run directly from the laptop. Not sure what the problem is (cord issue?) but often the machine will creep slightly when running from the laptop. Too many lines of code over usb with converter? Just send it to the machine...

I probably run the laser much slower than necessary. But on this OMTech machine I seem to have trouble with creep on many programs (design shifts as the program progresses), and the easiest way to deal with it has been to slow the machine down. It seems to be a speed thing or communication issue when connected to a laptop. Machine calibration, belts, etc. appear to configured perfectly. Every time I cut a simple outline of something to a known dimension it works flawlessly.

Anodized Aluminum

Powder-coated Metal


Tough to find balance between burning a dark image and making a halo around the edge of the engraving that has to be cleaned up with sandpaper later. Somewhere around 15% power is a good starting point.

upland coin laser engraving