With inventory policy statements we can take all the guesswork out of how many parts we need to keep on hand, and when we need to re-order to keep up with current sales levels.

Inventory follows a sawtooth...

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Our goal is to arrive at this statement for each part, sub-assembly, or product:

When inventory is at Re-Order Point order Lot Size

Use this generator to create nice-looking inventory labels without needing to do any math or design!

Upland Inventory Label Generator

Then print at 100% scale and cut out this 4"x6" label.

When inventory is at Re-Order Point order Lot Size


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Lead time:

Lot size:

Safety stock:

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Inventory Equation - When to order?

Re-Order Point = Demand x Lead Time + Safety Stock

Re-Order Point = per week demand x weeks lead time + safety stock

Inventory Period = Lot Size / Demand

Lot size of Q / D per week demand = inventory period of T weeks